I'm a software developer living in Christchurch, New Zealand. I love to code!

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3PL CargoWise EDI / API Integrations

3PL Automation

3PL solutions to automate CargoWise warehouse order creation and freight tracking from third party system APIs using FaaS. Developed using C#.


NZ Topo Map app for Windows Phone

NZ Topo Map

A New Zealand topographic map app for Windows Phone designed for tramping and other outdoor enthusiasts. Includes the ability to cache sections of map for offline use, record tracks and set waypoints. Developed using C# and XAML.

Windows Phone App

Field Mate app for iOS

Field Mate

An iPhone / iPad / iOS app developed for Environment Canterbury for in-the-field generic data capture. Optimised for offline use in areas with no network coverage. Easily configured for different departments data capture needs including the ability to capture photos and GIS related data. Developed using JavaScript in Titanium.

ECan Data Catalogue website

Data Catalogue

A web application developed for Environment Canterbury to allow easy publication of data sets to the public through an API. Queriable data sets are easily be added from existing internal databases. Links to other public API's can also be listed, providing a single catalogue to search. Developed using C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server.


Paydirt website


An active gold fossicking / prospecting and metal detecting website and community. Developed on Umbraco CMS and Discourse. Previous iterations have used Composite C1 CMS, YAF.NET Forum, Sitefinity CMS, DotNetNuke CMS as its framework.


NZ Topo Map website

NZ Topo Map

A popular interactive topographic map of New Zealand with supporting functionality outdoor enthusiasts find useful. SEO and marketing skills have been picked up actively promoting this website. Developed using JavaScript, C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server. A previous version was developed in Python on Google App Engine.


YouGoDo website


A worldwide directory of activities and experiences which allows operators to directly add their own services through a specialised content management system. An API allows other websites to consume and present the data to their own audiences. Developed using C#, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server.


tours2travel website


A complete custom ecommerce solution developed to sell tours online. Built in content, booking and user management allows tours2travel to run its business from a single centralized web based application. Developed using Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server.


iTAG website


The iTAG Visitor Guides web site is the online version of New Zealand's widely distributed tourist publication. Built in content management allows iTAG staff to update and maintain its own content and provides functionality for clients to login and update their own listings and review updated listings before magazines go to press. Developed using Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server.


Sportsbook mobile website

Mobile Sportsbook

A simple mobile phone web based sportsbook user interface that consumes the data access and business logic Web Services exposed by the core web based Application Service Provider sportsbook model. Developed using C# and ASP.NET.


Fisbo website


Fisbo (For Internet Sale By Owner) web site for selling and buying properties online independently without the use of estate agents. Developed using Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and SQL Server. The site has been designed to easily be re-branded.


FM Easy web application

FM Easy

A fully configurable web based facilities management application targeted at the corporate market. Modules include Room Booking, Desk Booking, Help Desk, Visitors, Repro Graphics, Audio Visual, Performance Monitoring and Management Information. Integrates with Active Directory and Outlook/Exchange. Developed using Visual Basic .NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP and SQL Server.


Scheduler web application


A web browser based call/job generating application developed for Kunick complimenting the PDA solution provided by TBS Mobility. Developed using ASP and SQL Server.

TaskTrak PDA application


A Pocket PC based call handling application incorporating asset and employee management functionality developed for internal use by Jarvis using eMbedded Visual Basic and SQL Server CE. Data is synchronized with the server via an internet connection.

Glass's Guide PDA application

Glass's Guide

A Pocket PC based version of Glass's Guide for calculating vehicle valuations based on drilled down vehicle details and mileage, developed using eMbedded Visual Basic and SQL Server CE. Data updates are acquired via an internet connection.

Synchro application


A generic call allocation and administration application developed using Visual Basic and SQL Server for TBS Mobility as part of their n-tier client server solution, supporting the PDA based applications they market. The functionality can be infinitely extended through web browser technologies and more directly through standard and customer specific ActiveX add-ins that take advantage of its exposed interface.

Inertia Stop application

Inertia Stop

An application developed for Wichita in Visual Basic to allow complex machinery to be modeled, ultimately calculating its inertia and referred inertia. MS Word is automated through the use of OLE to allow the generation of a document as an alternative option to producing a printout. Such functionality lends itself well to the use of fax software and allows users to add their own comments to the output.

Weight & Inertia application

Weight & Inertia

Another application developed for Wichita in Visual Basic. The application allows objects to be modeled so that their weight and inertia can be calculated. This application can be used on its own or through Inertia Stop using DDE to model objects not directly supported.

Image Envelope application

Image Envelope

A steganography application developed in Java as part of my dissertation. The application allows files to be hidden within and extracted from an image while not affecting the host image visibly.

A grade of 2:1 was received for the dissertation.

Skull Ball game

Skull Ball

A game developed in C++ making extensive use of object-oriented techniques learnt during 3 years of academic experience. Inheritance and polymorphism are put to good use.

Grades for C++ related modules include a 1st in Data Structures and a 2:1 for the course-work in Advanced Analysis & Design (using Booch).